Pastor Robert Burale has celebrated another year into his life. Celebrities showered him with messages on social media.

But Lillian Muli's message was personal. The Citizen TV news anchor wrote him a friendly love message describing how he has been supportive.

Where do i begin my Darling friend. There is so much i want to say to you. Thank you for never giving up on me. You always know when something is wrong with me and even on my moody days when you call and i don't pick up you never give up on me.

She went on to describe him as her secret keeper whom people have for a long time said they'd look good together.

You have prayed with and for me for the longest time. You know my deepest secrets. For the longest time people said you and I would be good together but my Love for you is beyond what human beings could ever describe.


It is pure and genuine; I Love you like a brother and you are one of my best friends; I wish you nothing but the best. May the Lord's favour always be upon you and those you Love.

Happy Birthday Bob! LOVE YOU LONGTIME

To her response, Burale wrote;

Thank you my darling friend ..always true...always here ..always forever.....Remember our pact are a blessing

Celebrating his birthday, Burale describe the far he has come as simply God's grace

Grace, unmerited favour, that simply sums up the story of my life. Today as I celebrate my birthday and the gift of another year. My heart is grateful to God for my journey. Picked from depth of despair, having curved my own path to my destruction,

Grace found me just as I was, picked me up and put me on the King's highway. Through my failures, my fears my joys and regrets, accepted or rejected in summers and winters, God has used the cocktail of my experiences to mould, equip, train and taught me to fully trust in Him.

Today, I am energized, focused and clear about the mandate upon my life, fueled by God's grace . Here I am strong and courageous. Earthly things becoming strangely dim as I keep my gaze on Christ, Ready for destiny