Sauti Sol's Bien is excited to be a father to their first born baby.

Relax, Chiki Kuruka is not yet pregnant this is Polycarp and Miss Mandy's baby. A few weeks ago he shared a stunning photo of his wife's baby bump who stepped out in white and captioned,

She’s a QUEEN. So SUPREME. 👶🏾

This great news is not an exciting feeling for Polycarp and his wife but for us all including Bien who is already picturing himself as the best dad.

"Although we all do not know the gender yet, we are so happy and we can't wait to see Sauti Sol's first child. I will be a dad, meen." Bien said.

Adding a congratulatory message to the lovely couple and promising to support them 100% through it all.

"I am so proud of Polycarp and his wife and we are going to support him 100 percent and even the kid. That is like my own child

Polycarp is like my own blood brother because we have gone through so much together to be where we are today. He has led us in the right way. I do not know what gift to gift them." Bien added.

We have no doubt Polycarp will be an amazing father. From his amazing poem to Mandy on Mother's Day, he showered her with cute words of affirmation and assurance.

He also mentioned he cannot wait to meet his child and as they wait for their bundle of joy, he made it clear they are the happiest they have ever been. Read his poem below:

Congratulations to Polycarp and Mandy as they await their baby and to Sauti Sol family at large.