Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene Goro decided that we need some form of entertainment to keep us sane in this quarantine time.

Her style was quite interesting. She asked KissFm listeners to hook Andrew Kibe up with any celebrity they would want to see him beef with.

"Let's start a beef for Kibe who would you want to see Kibe beef with? as dramatic as he is" Kamene said.

She started by suggesting DJ Xclusive against him and his response was a whole lot of shade.

Please put me against someone who exists.

Since this wasn't working, she threw it to the listeners on a Twitter post and the responses came in fast quick and in a hurry. Clearly Kenyans like moshene.

One suggestion was Shaffie Weru whom they claimed has no chills.

 "He is way too good to beef with." Kibe replied

Kamene then got a flashback in memory of a beef that was created a few weeks ago. She paired Kibe and Sue Gacambi.

"I cannot be discussing this. She came from Githuguri straight to the airport in a matatu that did not stop hata in town. I can not beef with such. Someone who does not even know Kiswahili she jumped from Kikuyu straight to some shady English. Please no." He responded

When he was paired with Juliani, he said manz has too many issues.

"He had a live on Sunday and the article by Kiss100 was written about it and it was all good and he was being praised in the article for an amazing performance. The article started by saying he jumped on the live trends and he did not take it well. He said I am Juliani I do not jump on trends. Come on Juliani take it easy. So that one can't " Kibe said

Kamene then read another tweet that suggested Mulamwah but he denied that one very fast saying,

Putting Kibe with Mulamwah is tricky. He is full of emotions he will end up burning his shoes, house and everything else

The one we were waiting for Khaligraph Jones. We all know he will kill you when it comes to his lyrical rap game, he will finish you properly. But Kibe had a different opinion.

"The OG does not talk. He will just go and drop a song. Man can not defend himself face to face. He will just be chilled and say, you know men..." Kibe responded

I am sure we would want to see anyone beef with Kibe because manz has no chills. He is the king of nothing but honesty.