Bien Aime may look all confident but just like any other human being, he has insecurities.

In the spirit of the release of their long-awaited song, Insecure to be launched exclusively on KissFm tomorrow, Bien decided to be vulnerable and open up about the two biggest insecurities in his life.

"What I am insecure about is growing up I was sp insecure that I was so thin. In high school the biggest boys get everything. The food, the respect you know. Based on how aggressive you are and I was the least aggressive the thinnest guy in my class and the weakest guy. I was the weakest link physically and guys called me skele skeleton) for a long time and because I was so thin, I was insecure about my size. Every time we went to a girls school I used to wear a sweater I couldn't take it off no matter how hot it was because I was afraid people could see my frail physic and think I am too thin.

It all came from everybody calling me skele (skeleton) and it stuck. Further growing up I would look at myself in the mirror and be like I am not the most handsome guy in the world I am not a mainstream kind of handsome and I am not photogenic and it just made me insecure. Throughout my career actually I am not big on pictures and videos. I stay away from all kind of visuals and it vital now because music has become an audiovisual experience and it requires me to be seen. Taking videos makes me insecure and I how I look in every picture makes me insecure." Bien shared

Adding that even in his marriage, he has insecurities in as much as he married the love of his life.

In my relationship. I am sometimes insecure I am not doing enough. Like I bring home bread to my wife and maybe I am not doing enough for her to be happy in the relationship. Sometimes I am very insecure about what I bring to the table as a man.

Everyone has at least one insecurity in their lives and it is okay to have them. Sauti Sol's release will resonate with everyone which is their plan. Them coming forward to speak about theirs simply proves that they are just like everyone else.

Make sure you are the first one to listen to their long-awaited song tomorrow (Friday 22nd May) on KissFM.