Andrew Kibe just seems like he was that guy in the squad who everyone wanted to be around.

From the stories he tells us today, he has his way around the women and this did not just start recently. Speaking on The Morning Kiss with Kamene, he revealed before approaching a girl he had to practice what to say.

"Back in the day, there was nothing like chain chain (This was after Chris Kaiga's song played) because we didn't have phones. In the hood, there were 6 hot girls. Battle of so many men to get the few girl's attention and make them your girlfriend.

We used to practice with your fellow friends on how to talk to a girl. These days you can have a relationship before meeting someone all through the phone. Yani you have sent this guy all your photos you're even thinking of getting married but back then it was tough." Kibe said.

He then threw in a memory of this practice that always leaves him in stitches.

A whole half a day we have rehearsed with my pal to confess to the girl he likes. So we've pumped him and we are watching from 100 meters away. He rings the doorbell and guess who opens the door, the father. Kumbe he left the car in the garage that's why it wasn't kwa parking. He is told my boy to never come there again! After all the practicing we had done.

Kamene, who is always throwing banter that Kibe comes from a very old generation, said she did not go through all this. It was hard because she had an older brother.

I did not have this experience because my brother blocked it for me. All the boys in the hood were his friends so it was impossible for them to katia me in fear of my brother

Adding that in her generation, the way to a girl's heart was through a CD with a compilation of songs.

Back then a guy used to come with a CD full of songs to dedicate to you when trying to katia. He would come and ring the doorbell hoping the right person will open the door and it was almost always Mariam, the house manager and she'd shout five minutes staki ukae na vijana nje .

Kamene then gave a story of how she ingiad the box of some guy and had a memorable date with him. First of all, they walked the whole way to and fro the venue because he had not budgeted for transport.

So I said yes to this guy asking me out. We had a date at prestige and I told my parents about it and we walked from Woodly to Prestige. Getting here he had a budget for a hot dog and a soda. Kumbe he was less 40bob but I topped up.

This reminded Kibe of the day he left a girl with the bill in a restaurant because she ordered more than he could afford.

I have ever escaped a bill. We were just to have masala chips for 70 bob and 30 bob for a soda. This chic then asks for sijui a burger and I had budgeted for 100 bob a person coz I only had 250 b0b. She asked if I wanted to taste I told her no because I did not want to partake in this meal because I knew I was not going to pay for it. So after I finished mt masala fries, I told her I am going to the toilet and left. We never spoke again.

Relax ladies, he says he is a changed man now.