Kamene Goro has had it all on social media. From massive love to trolling but that has never dimmed her light from shinning.

As Sauti Sol is preparing to drop a fire jam on Friday the 22nd of May, Insecure, this vibe got Kamene sharing her insecurities.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100, she mentioned them saying,

I have really long fingers and really long toes. In fact, I have very ugly toes and that is another insecurity I have

Her partner on KissFM , Andrew Kibe said he is only human and also has insecurities.

"I am very insecure about my beard. I went to a random barber and he shaved a place where hair has never grown ever since " Kibe shared

Nick, KissFM's drive show presenter is always a vibe and he is always bubbly but he also has his insecurities. Speaking about one he said,

As Nick Ndeda My biggest insecurity is legit not being the coolest person in the room

As you can see, even famous celebrities have their own insecurities and this just shows that it is okay to have one or two.

Sauti Sol have promised a fire release tomorrow so tune in to KissFm and be among the first to listen to the song. A song that can resonate with each and every one of us because the song is for you and me.