The week is almost coming to an end and the 'boys club' topic is still at its peak. Kiss Fm's Chito Ndlovu weighed in on the topic and expressed anger at how these men are behaving.

According to him, he feels that the level of disrespect in the conversations that were going on in the group between Jalang'o and his boys is disappointing.

"After seeing that, all I can say is I am seriously disappointed because we as men can not be talking about women like we are talking about commodities no! We can not be talking about women as if they are sweets and we are saying you want it oh I don't want no give it to the other guy no I am no the one who wanted it. No! " Chito shared

Adding that,

There needs to be respect of first of all us as men because we can not be finding ourselves in a platform talking about such conversations and finding them to be normal. We can not. There needs to be a line between stupidity and real conversations as brothers and that is now how real men talk.

Chito also made it clear that whatever happens between two people in the sheets should not be a discussion that should be aired in public. Because simply, it is none of our business.

"Number two, we need to repsectt the people we sleep with because if you go around and enjoy sleeping around hurray to you but do not announce it. That is none of our business that is your business." He added

Listen to more of his two cents below: