Mike sonko's adopted son Satrine Osinya has turned eight years old. Osinya was rescued after his mother was killed by armed gunmen and a bullet lodged on his head. He was left with his brother Moses and the two have been living a good life after being taken in by the Nairobi governor.

Taking to his Instagram to celebrate Osinya,Sonko said the boy has brought nothing but blessings to him as his family

Happy 8th birthday my Son 

What a coincidence, just last week we celebrated the birthday of your elder brother Gift Osinya who rescued you from a hail of Al-Shabaab millitia-men bullets when you were just two years old.

Unfortunately the bullet that killed your biological mum was lodged into your head, but the devil is a liar you survived and you have excelled and continue to thrive in everything that you do. For the 6 years we have been together, you have brought laughter, hope and joy into our family.

There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying than seeing you grow and turn into such an amazing, smart boy. As a family, you have been a blessing to us, you continue to amaze us and we will forever treasure the day you came into our lives. Happy 8th birthday my Son 

Well, happy birthday to him