Gospel disc Jockey, DJ Mo is undoubtedly one of the top DJ's in the country and has been for many years.

He has managed to build his brand over the years, using his craft as a vehicle to preach Christ Jesus.

Now married to Size 8, the two have been blessed with two kids, Ladashabelle Wambo and Muraya junior. DJ Mo has already passed down the Deejaying button unto her daughter, if the video posted by size 8 is anything to go by.

Size 8 posted a video of Ladasha on the decks showing off her Deejaying and MCeeing skills which left the couple's fans awed.

Check out the video below;

Below are some of the reactions;

Chris Kirwa: @mcpricekenya nunua kafroti kagundo unjenge upande mathoroko na biriganya - kazi kwa ma wambo

murugi; DJ Wambo sijaskia kitu

Its gval: ii kizungu ata siskii the blessings upon blessings. God bless the murayas

kiki fridah: Ni mimi tu sishikanishi chochote ama tuko wengi? Please baby girl go slow on  us

arap chris: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Winkywinnie: Nimeskia tu pep juse kizungu inanipita tu

254 dave: Mimi hata sijaskia kitu MC anasema

Valentine: This girl is awesome