Akothee says that her children are growing up too fast. The mother of five misses the days when she was able to control her children without opposition.

'I really miss you to death, when I still had control over you, now even Oyoo can decide to tell me he is not going to church with me & I have to respect that its the generation 🙏🏾, I dont think I would enjoy any other moments of my life like I did with you.'

She went on to advice her followers to enjoy having a family as its the greatest wealth

'Someone asked how wealthy am I

Yes I am very rich and healthy, See my riches above, my children are my wealth, thats All I care for'

'I can buy as many houses as my pocket can allow me, and I can sleep in only one bed at a time, I can also sell them when I don't need them anymore, but I can't buy children and sell them when I want, my uterus remains my strength, the rest is short term lived.

Prioritize your priorities it brings joy

Happy sabbath family.'

Akothee is a self-proclaimed President of the single mothers.

She is vocal about single parenthood on social media.