Celestine Ndinda, wife to comedian Njugush, says once she got married, she was faced with alot of culture shock from Njugush's family.

From the food to how each family member interacted to each other. But since Njugush dad is a reverend, Celestine was not allowed to wear trousers.

Trousers is a no.They don't like trousers. So I used to wear trousers and carry a dhera and when I'm near the house, I'd wear the dhera.

At least they've come to accept trousers. But I don't do those tight ones, but when I wear a trouser, I wear something big on the top like a big dress top.

Celestine says her family was not used to expressing love through words but in action.

Njugush's family verbally tell each other 'I Love You' compared to Celestine's family.

'I started telling them I love you recently, even hugging, I huged my dad for the first time in form four and it was just a tap,' said Celestine

Celestine says that the shock her husband got from her was the fact that Kambas have many functions where they are dedicated to go compared to Njugush' who might go for functions once in a while.

'We have so many functions and all of them, we tailor make new clothes. So he was just wondering. He also found out that we don't keep time.'