The running joke in town is, if you were born in Pumwani hospital, maybe you were switched at birth.

That got us thinking, what if some celebrity look-a-likes were switched at birth?

Here is a list of 10 celebrities and their doppelgangers. Hii kufanana sio ya kawaida, boss.

1. Willy Paul and Danville Msafi

They are both musicians. Danville Msafi is based in Nakuru and signed to Safi Records. His real name is Dancun Otieno. He however denied that he is related to popular gospel star, Willy Paul.

2. Marya and Jacqueline Mwangi

They are both public figures. Marya is a singer while Jacqueline a.k.a Jolene is an actress.

Do they look alike?

3. Avril and her mystery doppelganger

Avril has a dopelganger and she is a dead look-a-like. Little is known about the stunning lady who resembles Avril. If you do know her, drop us a line.

4. Lillian Muli and Charity Kimani

They are both in the fourth estate pursuing a career in journalism. Charity Kimani is a former reporter at KTN while Lillian Muli rules the airwaves on Citizen TV. The two bare a striking resemblance.

5. Margaret Kenyatta And Margaret Aswani

They share a lot. They were both born in Gatundu, both are of mixed race and they share the same name Margaret. is this a happy accident or what?

6. Diamond and his look-a-like

The interwebs went wild when the photo of Diamond Platnumz look-a-like hit it. They resemble each other, complete with the thick signature lips.

7.  Jesse Kinyanjui and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka

The fact that this two look so much alike made serious headlines followed by a Twitter frenzy. It was so bad that Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka had to put out a statement. He said, "He is my complete look-alike. But be assured that I didn't sire him.” he said.

8. Churchill and his doppelganger

Comedian Churchill has another human who is a spitting image of himself. True of nah?

9. Jayden Smith and Comedian Njugush

Jayden Smith is the scion of the Will Smith fortune. He is known for his eclectic fashion and hair dos. One of which Kenyan funnyman, Njugush - real name Timothy Njuguna - has embraced and now the internet is in a frenzy as to how much they look alike.

10. Dennis Mugo and Swaleh Mdoe

Dennis Mugo better known as OJ, is famed for his role in Tahidi high. The well know actor however bears a striking resemblance with popular TV news anchor for Citizen TV Kiswahili News. Separated at birth or nah?

What do you think?