Eric Njoka, an employee of Media Max has told his fans on an Instagram Live on Sunday morning that they should wait and see what he termed as 'Afro-Sinema'.

This comes after Betty Kyallo left K24 together with other people behind the scenes including her producer Sarah Mwangi.

This is after rumours that K24 was merging with another media house.

'This chapter is closed. Four of my chapters have been closed before and I never gave up and I fought for what was my right' 

'We are all here for a purpose,there is always an end game and you can't do anything about it just Thank God and move on'

'I stopped believing in prayers for the longest time. This thing of ower of prayers tome, no no no. It depends with the relationship with your God'

Asked why he wasn't present to bid fans goodbye, Njoka said,

'Curfew caught up with me. I'm waiting to see whether my services are still needed let me not say Kwaheri right now. They should wait and see Afro-sinema.'

'We are waiting for that Afro-sinema and its about to premier tomorrow. The Launch'

Njoka went live on Instagram with former K24 producer Sarah Mwangi,

'Betty Kyallo said goodbye on our behalf and most of us will not get an opportunity to say goodbye or return to K24 if the rumors are to go bye.'


'Do not woiyee woiyee us. Don't feel sorry for me and my colleagues, we have a future, most of us are young'

'I was a ping pong even before K24'