The famous 10 over 10 host, will Raburu just flaunted his mother on Instagram. What is it with all the mothers being shown off lately on social media? And it is not even mothers day.

Willis Raburu posed with his mother for a picture and shared it on his social media page and we can see where he gets his cute smile from. Fans were blown away by how alike they look. For Raburu, it seems like family means a lot to him.

Raburu recently returned to work after taking off to the USA with his wife to mourn the death of their unborn daughter.

Raburu wrote quite an emotional letter to send his daughter off. Willis Raburu even got a tattoo as a reminder for his daughter.

After the burial of his daughter, Raburu came back to his 10 over 10 show on citizen tv with a bang. Since, he has been impressing the youths and teenagers in the country.

Fans were all over Willis telling him that he looked like his mother.

Here are a few comments from the fans

- You look again 🔥❤️

- Look a like ..rangi tu 😂😂😂😂👏👏😍❤️

- Uyo ni maaaama namunafanaaaana😂🔥

- I thought you were looking like dad, now you are looking like mom, anyway you guys look amazing. God bless