Ella Ciiru is one bubbly babe but behind that smile, she hides a lot of pain.

Last year she went through serious social media trolling after her intimate videos and photos were leaked by her ex. She wanted to leave the relationship but he wasn't going to let her go without a fight. Hence the videos.

She once opened up about the day she got a miscarriage and what the whole situation was like for her emotionally and physically.

A couple of months ago I was pregnant and it was not an oops baby. I promised myself I will not get an oops baby.

Ella went on and cleared the air about her job. Rumours were out there that she was fired on Ebru TV as a host for the show, Lets Talk.

I did not lose my job, I left because at that time my colleague was pregnant and so was I but I did not know up until i was 2 months. I was on birth control. My man and I were living our best life and there was an injection that did not work. Though I do not blame the doctors that gave me the injection. I blame myself. I was not consistent.

So how did she find out she was pregnant. That's a funny story,

Every time I drunk a shot I just wanted to puke and I TRUST ME I can handle my liquor. When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't give up alcohol just like that. I started drinking wine and I got the courage to tell my boyfriend and we were happy about it. 

Sadly Ella's pregnancy became a difficult one and it sucked because she was full of remorse and guilt. She thought it was her fault. It was hell for her.

It was a tough time for her during her early pregnancy especially after losing her friend.

I lost my baby because there was a week of intense stress. I lost a friend in the lane crush that happened. There was a lot of stress. I go to the bathroom and I was bleeding. Just to make it clear I am a Catholic so I do not believe in abortion. 

To make matters worse, no one from work took time to visit her or find out what was going on and that broke her.

I was going to do the best for my baby. I was in the hospital for a while and no one knew because they found new people for the show. They showed me I do not matter I am replaceable.

She now supports her friend Bridget in her new journey has a mother. We hope she will recover fast because, from her words, she promised she will be an amazing mother.