The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe was today another dose of an interesting conversation. Kibe had a response to Betty Kyallo.

Remember she said on her weekly YouTube channel that she does not like nor enjoy cooking a lot because it is a lot of work. Special occasion though will see her in the kitchen unless her husband - who is coming soon - will help her to fix up a meal.

Kamene brought up this conversation to Kibe saying that women of their era are working too hard to make ends meet and then slipped in that story.

Kibe sarcastically agreed with everything Kamene was saying that yes, men should help in the kitchen and when a woman has had a tough and long day at work, she shouldn't cook. Then he said,

That is very understandable. So okay, when thieves come let us all go and fight them. If the tire has a problem let us go and fix it, when it is time to lift something, let us do it. What happened to the normal kind of woman? Let me tell you, the way to a mans heart is through the stomach. You will not win me with your English.

Adding that,

So as she is saying she is a hard-working woman you want to tell me us men are going to hang in the office like gates? We are not working eey? 

Kamene could not stop laughing. She then said that so a man who will marry Betty Kyallo should expect to get chapo dondo (chapati and beans) after buying her diamonds.

Betty on her channel was trying to teach her female fans that cooking for your man should not be a standard set but something a woman wants and loves doing.