good vibes only
good vibes only

Good vibes only is the plan this and every Saturday courtesy of our very own, Kamene Goro and Shaffie Weru.

The two alongside KissTv's DJ Hypnotic and DJ Kym Nickdee have promised to make your quarantine Saturday's interesting with good music, games and some secrets. We all know Kamene can get information out of anyone.

"For sure I am going to get some info out of Shaffie the most and as always I will make sure he lipuas some siris and you know I have a knack when it comes to games. " Kamene told Kiss1000

Shaffie Weru also mentions that in as much the Morning Kiss radio babe is a sweet girl, he will work to initiate her to the bad boy club.

The Virtual concert will be hosted in an undisclosed grand location where Cheese, Wine and Caviar flow in copious amounts.

The hosts will wine and dine as they discuss both the Beauty and Darkness of Nairobi Life and the World.

So stay tuned on the Kiss100, KeepItKiss and Homeboyz social media for a lit Saturday evening from 5 pm to 7 pm.