Tanasha Donna has come out to talk about a lot of the dramatic things going on in her life, including suing some people.

In an interview with Jalang'o, she opened up and fearlessly spoke up it.

She is now promoting her first single after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz and said she feels like this is the biggest breakthrough of her career as opposed to what people are saying.

Before Diamond and Tanasha, there was little to no hype around her but just after they announced they were dating, attention and hype followed her.

"My biggest breakthrough was of course me getting involved with this superstar in East Africa. But for me, my biggest breakthrough is now when I am coming out as me when I am showing people who I am and my potential." She said

Jalang'o then asked her if dating Diamond was a blessing in disguise.

Your song with him did well and now your new song, Sawa is doing very well. Do you think it is because of your past and now that everyone is in your business?

To which Ms. Donna responded saying,

Every stage in my life has been a blessing in disguise. I never live in regrets at all. Regardless of what you do, people will always be in your business and that is a them problem not a me problem. You can't please everybody.

Jalas was out to get nothing but the truth and he asked all the questions on everyone's mind. He mentioned that just like everybody else, he noticed that Diamond did not publicize his song with her, Gere as much but then released Jeje which overlapped their song.

"Diamond did not support Gere as much as Jeje because at that time we had our own issues and that is when we were breaking up." Tanasha answered

Then the time came for the elephant in the room to be addressed, Tanasha's son and their relationship with Diamond both financially and as a parent.

How is your son? Jalas asked

My son is naughty. He doesn't like to settle he wants to be up and down.

Then he asked her if Diamond offers any form of financial support and she bluntly said no. But we are not surprised right?

"I will be honest with you, I will be real and say that with all the respect I have for him I have been doing it all on my own. I have no bad blood with him but I will not sit here and lie to you and say something that is not the case. He is not supporting, I am doing it on my own. And I do not need his support to be honest because I am raising my son well and he doesn't lack anything. he is fine and that is what matters." Tanasha opened up

Adding that endorsements are helping them survive.

I am doing perfectly fine. I have endorsements and companies that we are partnering with and that money is good which is keeping us going that is how we are surviving.

Jalang'o was proud of her for doing all she can for her son despite it all.

Diamond has severally been accused of playing no role in supporting his children with all the ladies he has children with.

Though from Zari and Tiffah's social media pages, he seems to have stepped up on that role for his children with Zari now that they are on good terms. So hand in there Tanasha, he might just come along.