rayvanny cover
rayvanny cover
Lasy year in November, Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahyma better know as Fayhvanny, parted ways over allegations that he cheated on her.

She sent him a message telling him to forget about her and their son. In fact, she told him to consider them dead.

"Count me and Jay as dead in your life. I will fight and I will win. I will not lack money for food but just consider Jay and i dead to you" Read her message

From the drama that brewed from that message, it seemed like their marriage had been rocky for a while and Fahyvanny has been showing signs she is tired. He was blocked on all forms of social media and so back then for him to respond to this message, he had to post it out in public. Okay, that is what he claimed.

"I have respected you for all these years we’ve been together. We have disagreed on a lot and forgiven each other. You have been craving for a life I have been telling you will not help you." Rayvanny responded

They have since then not shown any signs of getting back together and it has been a couple of months, six to be precise.

In a TikTok video she posted on social media, she made it clear that she has exactly what will make Rayvanny come back.

I got that thing that is going to make you come back all this boom in my system that y'all keep on reveling...


Fahyma has not changed her name from Fahvanny so maybe there is hope that he will come back.