Izareeh and Bobb Muriithi are a celebrity couple that has a large fan base because people are interested in their love life considering how it started.

Izareeh was married to gospel artiste Hey Z and together they had a son before Bobb came along and swept her off her feet, literally and married her. They also have a son together.

The attention on their marriage started from the rumors that she cheated on Hey Z with Bobb before they became a legal couple.

She was a former Tahidi high actress and in that set, she became very close friends with Jackie Matubia who was actually her best friend and the godmother to her children but sadly they fell out.

The drama on their beef was also in line with some cheating allegations because at that time, Jackie and her husband parted ways. The real reason to their beef is not clear but it is evident they are done. They do not spend time together and the memories they had on their social media pages haved all been erased.

Back to Bobb and Izareeh now. So they decided to start a YouTube channel just like every other celebrity couple is doing now.

Their first video was on the assumptions their fans have of them. Seems like there were a lot of bad assumptions because they only tackled a few and Bobb said, some were very uncalled for.

So one assumption was that Izareeh got married to Bobb for his family wealth. Bobb cam

Do I know you first because you are talking as if you know my family? This one is for you Njoki. You do not want to pay rent? On the real though, Weh! My wife is not a gold digger please. That is a very terrible assumption. 

Izareeh whose real name in Njoki Muriithi had nothing much to say on that. She just watched her manz defend her.