In the past year, we have seen changes in the music scene with the new generation coming up with a genre dubbed gengetone. 

With this type of music, the artistes have given us new sheng words that KFCB has banned from being used in public, saying it's not suitable for children.

I have purposed to help keep you in the loop with the trending words and what they mean.

Piga Kuni: Used by the millennial age group it means ‘having s3x’, something very different and far from the literal meaning.

Lamba Lolo: This is an action performed behind closed doors. This is the act of s*cking a man's p*nis

Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez: Sailors gave us a hit song, Wamblabez and basically what the words mean is performing some foreplay acts for both male and female. The direct meaning is l*ck and s*ck.

If you know, you know!

Mayenx: This is a phrase people use when they want to throw a party. What they say is “Come na mzinga, nikona mayenx”. Some also say that yenx means drugs. But it commonly means ladies especially those who like to party.

Lalez is also a translation to mean girls.

Pekejeng: This one will shock you. According to Man Kush, this word is a definition of Beastiality between a man and a dog.

Bora Uhai: This phrase is used to depict gratitude, to mean as long as I am alive.

Beng: S3xual activities

Geuka Nikubeng: Turn around and let me make love to you.

Dundaing: Going out to party heavy.

Shnack: When someone looks great, we tell them they look like a “snack”.

Rombosa: To whine one's waist especially by ladies who are seriously endowed.

Nyandua: Have violent s3x. Kemba is also a word used to describe the same.