It's been trending all over social media that Betty Kyallo left K24 and rumor had it that she was forced out based on the changes the TV station is making.

She bid goodbye to her loyal K24 fans last week and as the show was aired this week, Weekend With Betty was trending with her fans posting that they will miss her on TV.

In an interview with Jalang'o, she gave her fans hope that she will be back on air soon. She opened up that she did not get fired as people presumed but she opted to leave because she was feeling unappreciated.

"I didn't fire myself and I was not fired. I have worked so hard and people who know my show from KTN reviewing cars and people judging me. When I feel like I am not being appreciated enough, najitoa. You are the best-paid journalist what do you mean appreciated?

It is not always about the money. You want to be supported, you want to be given clarity and you want to know that no matter what this organization will want me will stand by me will push me to be better That is bigger than money than a paycheck.

I have walked away from many things even the partnership at Posh Palace. Sometimes your peace of mind is more important than saying I am the CEO" Betty revealed

Jalas the asked her now that she is done with K24, what next?

So what is your career path now that it has been disrupted.

She then said she will definitely be back on TV.

"TV is my home I am going to be on TV for sure. I have been on TV for 8 amazing years but I still have a lot to give the world. When I salute people on air I know I have made someone happy and joy. It is bigger than Betty. But I also want to build my brand as Betty and that is why I have been channeling my energy to YouTube." She said

Betty bagged a lot of fans from her weekend show and that has given her an even bigger fan base on Youtube on her channel, Betty Kyallo lately where she airs out her day to day life.