CMB Prezzo has been a gangster ever since. In as much as we saw him rise to success in terms of his entertainment life, he went through a lot of trouble.

Speaking on CTA, he opened up on his life in jail, depression and even joining Mungiki. Back then, he was dating the fine Sheila Mwanyigha whose stage name is Nikki. Side note, she is back in the music game years later.

Prezzo talked about how he will forever be indebted to her mother for getting him out of jail.

"I got out of jail and Nikki´s mum said she wants to talk to me. So we went to her home, I also wanted to meet her to say ´thank you mama´ for taking care of the situation. She told me ´it´s okay´ what I´ve done but ´do not break my girl´s heart'." Prezzo shared

Even after the warning, things between the two did not work out and he then impregnated his then-girlfriend Daisy whom he ended up marrying. In as much as the babe was happy living her best life, she did not like his career as an artiste.

"After the Nataka Tupendane jam, that´s how I got married to Mama Zari. She loved Ng'echu(his real name) but she hated Prezzo. We moved from the penthouse into a mansion because I wanted to satisfy my wife at that time, with the finer things in life, without any budgets attached to it. Daisy, Mama Zari wanted me to stop doing music and probably be an accountant or a teacher somewhere, a carpenter…anything but not music." he opened up

Manz loved his career and he was proud of the strides he made. I mean then, Prezzo was one the few sought after artistes. Upcoming artistes wanted to be him and every lady wanted to be with him. How could he drop the one thing he loved?

So because of his love for the art, he couldn't drop his career,  he opted to leave the marriage and that was the beginning of his downfall.

For like maybe a year, I lost myself. I used to have my bodyguard bring me food, whatever I want at the house, I never left the house for a whole year. It´s like I was in house arrest. And I was slowly but surely getting into depression.

A year later, Prezzo was presented with the opportunity to lead the Mungiki youths, under Maina Njenga and he did not hesitate.

So, after that, I receive a call after a year and this brother called Brother Andrew told me Chairman would like to meet you. I was asking myself so many questions  like what is it that Chairman wants to talk to me about? So we went to Karen and Maina Njenga had this movement and he wanted me to be the youth leader of the Mungikis. And who am I to say no?

Prezzo felt that this was his chance to achieve a breakthrough and deal with depression.

Because everyday I go down on my knees and ask God to give me opportunities and show me which way to go. So if I had just abandoned that meeting, then maybe that was my big break. We kick it with Mheshimiwa Maina Njenga, he gives me his vision and how things are supposed to go and I tell him cool. He put me in a situation and said he is giving me responsibilities and I became a bit shaken.

Without the presence of a father in his life, he had to learn things by himself and he took anything that came his way in as much as it was not satisfying.

One time when I was leaving Chairman´s place, I went to my place and I was driving and contemplating and telling God, ´Now I´m so confused, like you need to show me a direction, somehow coz really I am confused.´

After this prayer, a door opened up and he joined Big Brother.

So that you know God listens, as I´m driving, I pull up my car, we had a show with Cannibal then my phone rings and this lady says ´Hi Prezzo, my name is Precious and I´m calling you from Endemol´. So I´m trying to figure out what Endemol was and she goes like ´have you ever watched Big BVrother before? We have this all stars big brother series and we felt like you are the right representative for Kenya.

He may seem all successful and always happy but it took him a lot of bad choices and experiences to get to where he is today.