In today's world of street fashion, it's kind of difficult to get a style that stands out from your peers. Everyone's wearing the same thing but you don't want to be that guy wearing the same old same old. So in an effort to take your style game up a notch here is one specific fashion trend you should definitely try: Translucent streetwear.

On the Dior and Louis Vuitton SS20 runway, we saw a lot of models dress in mostly translucent garments. Now not everyone can afford a designer brand. Lucky for us you'll definitely see more affordable brands replicating this style and selling them at a more affordable price. I'm not telling you to wear translucent clothing from head to toe. You don't want people knowing what type of underwear you have on. Like most trends, they have do's and don'ts which we'll go through.

Translucent garments tend to allow light to pass through. You can kind of see underneath the fabric but not all the way through. You want to cover up your bare skin by wearing an inner shirt underneath that coordinates with the translucent garment. If you want to go bare skin with nothing underneath, good luck.

It's probably best if it's a little more subtle like a shoulder pad and elbow patch or the sleeves being made of translucent materials.

This is a plus for the person who has insane sleeve tattoos and wants to show them off but in a low key kind of way with an added layer of clothing on top that's not too heavy.

Considering how cold it is. You might want to avoid doing this trend for now. Reserve it for more warmer seasons then you can shine. Buying clothes for warmer weather during the colder weather is a good idea considering its opposite season and the prices are lower. But if your already warm enough just use this piece as an added layer on your outfit.

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