Madam boss Akothee is one of the most honest and straight forward mothers out here. This goes from how she handles criticism, the kind of lifestyle she leads as well as how she handles parenthood.

One thing I admire most about her is she is a sharp-shooter and she does not mince her words when it comes to speaking her mind.

Her relationship with her five kids is something to be admired. This can be attributed to how open they all are with each other, something which has made them even be close with each other.


This morning, Akothee woke up with one goal in mind, to share her parenting wisdom with her daughter Rue Baby.

Taking to her Instagram page, Akothee posted a photo of her and Rue Baby working out. Below the photo, she schooled her about the difference between a female, a responsible woman and more so a mother.

She expressed her joy in seeing Rue growing into a responsible woman. This, she attributed to the fact that she now understands the power of waking up early and planning her day.

Reminding her of how messed up our generation is, Akothee went ahead to advise her to take responsibility of her own life, psychologically, emotionally and financially, to avoid being a bitter mom in future.

Read her advice below,