After watching DJ Evolve's heart wrenching interview, Kenyans continue to call upon the justice system to redeem itself and help the innocent disk Jockey get justice.

What pains people more is the fact that Babu Owino, the man who ruined his life by shooting him in the neck is a free man while his victim is bedridden.

A furious Kambua, publicly called on the wheels of justice to turn in Dj Evolve's favor.

She also challenged Kenyans to normalize calling out injustice in the society.

She wrote,

If your heart didn’t break after watching DJ Evolve’s health update yesterday…! Where are the wheels of justice in our country? Are they really so broken? As a believer I have learned to raise my voice against injustice, because all justice is rooted in God. Even as we pray, let’s speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Let’s call out what’s unjust until justice is served. Because faith without action…?

Her fellow musician, Fenamenal, pained by the situation, decided to express her pain, anger and  disappointment in a new song, dubbed monsters.

 Fenamenal wrote,

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't find the words to express my anger and sadness towards humanity, or lack thereof, and how we may never see #JusticeForEvolve. So I geeked out and umm, it got a little dark 🙈

According to the song's lyrics, Fena questions how Babu Owino manages to sleep at night with all the monsters in his bed and in his head.

She ends the beautifully crafted song by calling out for justice to be served.

Check out the song's lyrics, 

Monsters in your bed, monsters in your head, monsters in your bed tonight

How do you sleep at night with all that guilt inside your head?

How do you sleep at night I hope you keep the lights on, I hope you are scared of the darkness inside you.

Justice, we want justice!