Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro has come out to talk about suffering from depression and how the situation has not been easy for her.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, she opened up to her listeners telling them to proclaim that they are bigger than their problems. This realization came to her over the weekend.

"Last week was not an easy one for me and everyone in my life was conspiring to ruin my life. I have been diagonized with depression and last week I was feeling very low and depressed. 2020 has been so evil for me and I realized that from the beginning of the year, things have been at it worst because I had so many expectations that did not come to pass. There are so many times I have done a show and right after I just break down and cry.

Sunday I started pilling up my issues and thought. 'Kamene you have survived a tough week' and realized I am a warrior and can survive a lot." Kamene shared

She then encouraged her listeners and told them,

Look at your life and you will realize you are bigger than your issues. Go into the reminder of 2020 saying there is nothing bigger than my fighting spirit.