Lillian Muli
Image: Instagram

Lillian Muli is no joke when it comes to calling out people who are coming to ruin the progress of her life.

When you cross a certain line, she will come for you and she is not shy or threatened to air it out in public.

She took to social media a message sending a warning to an anonymous person trying to ruin her life. According to her post, it had something to do with her car.

"There is no rest for the wicked. I am passing this message to you who took a photo of my car and tried to use it for your pathetic malicious gain. You failed miserably. Again I am repeating. There is no rest for the wicked! You will know no peace as long as you go around doing evil. You have been warned." Lillian posted

She did not specify who and what was done but from the message, the person had gone too far and she is not taking that lightly.

Lillian Muli has been getting a lot of compliments after she revealed her new hairstyle. She cut her hair short and she looks amazing and younger.

You know what they say about women who cut their hair, there has to be a huge life change happening in her life that is intertwined with self-realization and we are here for all of it.