Wahu and Nameless
Image: Instagram

Wahu and Nameless and the couple we all look up to, both young and old. 

They have been together for a decade plus and clearly as stated in their vows, it is till death do them part.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100, she mentioned that she does not know how together with Nameless they made it to being couple's goal for many.


"I do not know we landed ourselves in that situation of a couple's goal. But I think the most important thing is to be authentic just do you. Don't try to keep up with so and so, do not try to be like another couple and don't look at other people and think their life is perfect. You know people look at us and think aah hawakosanangi. It is not true. Just because we do not talk about our stuff doesn't mean we do not have issues. It is usually too much of face value. It is more important to be real and authentic in your relationship and do not do things for show," Wahu said.

From what we see, the two have a lot to teach us when it comes to love between two people in the entertainment industry. With the new ongoing trend of couples starting YouTube channels we asked if there are plans to launch one and she is really not up for it.


I doubt we will join the YouTube channel life because I do not know if I want to be infront of the camera but I enjoy watching The Bahati's and The Muraya's