Size 8
Image: Instagram

Size 8 had a rough time giving birth to her second-born child, Muraya Junior. We saw her take us through the journey of her pain and trauma, up until she gave birth.

She put up a video from her upcoming episode of Dine With The Muraya's where she was reintroduced to her son's new room.

A video that saw her in tears.

"This child is blessed. The room looks so good. I can't believe it. We almost lost him. I almost died so many times. My pressures were always high. And coming to this room just shows me how God is faithful." Size 8 said.


She then captioned the video in memory of the trauma she went through during the pregnancy.

It's been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!!

Watch the video below: