Grace Ekirapa's social media page is not only full of her gorgeous smile but she also ensures she nourishes her followers hearts.

Taking to social media, she shared a deep message to encourage her fans going through hard times that bring so much pain in their lives.

The pain that makes one question God. Grace Ekirapa shared saying God will never let one's pain go to waste. 

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa
Image: Instagram

"The headache pain will never understand the pain of a broken bone. You are only capable of standing with and holding the hand of a person whose pain you have felt and experienced. A lot of times we ask God questions on why He allowed us to experience the excruciating pain of loss, broken relationship, pain in the body or even loss of self to wrong decisions but what we really need to do, is appreciate the experience, because God does not waste pain or experience. You need to glorify God for allowing you through it, because it means He is ready to entrust you with the lives of people, who will go through or are going through the same. Go through the fire rejoicing because God will not let you burn and also because a time will come when you will need to hold somebody else through the same fire only this time you know how to navigate. Your pain is somebody else’s gain. Have a restful night and God bless you🙏🏽❤️" Grace posted

This message left many of her followers inspired and blessed and that is her aim when it comes to the word of God. She always wants to spread it further.