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Believe it or not, Jalang'o has declared that he has set his eyes on vying for a political seat come 2022.

Speaking on Mpasho Live on Thursday, Jalango said he will vie for Langata MP seat.

"You are speaking to the MP of Langata," he said. "There are only three years to go and I will be the MP," he said.

The presenter cum comedian is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Community Development at Daystar University.

He was set to graduate this year. He says he enrolled for the course to help him understand how to manage and interact with his constituents once elected.

"There is very little you can do to society if you are not influential. I want to go and make a difference in Langata and make them great again," he said.

“I chose community development because as MP for Lang’ata constituency, I have to be able to take care of community matters."

He said he wants to join politics because he is tired of crying for change yet he could make the change himself.

''It is hard for a common 'Mwananchi' to bring that change we are all looking for but not for a politician. It is easy to bring that change if you are in politics and not out," he said.