Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja
Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja
Image: Instagram

Your favorite Senator Johnson Sakaja is in trouble after he was this morning arrested at a Kilimani bar.

According to the police report , Sakaja flouted the government's curfew orders.

Together with 10  other people,  he was drinking at Ladies Lounge  which was still operating at around 1.10 am

The Senator was advised to leave but refused, prompting the officer to call her regional orderly officer who also failed to convince the lawmaker to depart the premises.

Later, the Deputy OCPD Kilimani Adan Hassan with his team joined the other officers at the bar.

"It is then that Hon Sakaja became violent. He incited the others not to get away and was arrested," the police report read.

The other three refused to give out their names for disobeying curfew orders and inciting the others.

During Sakaja's arrest, the others managed to escape from the scene.

While in custody, the Senator was asked to be given a free bond but he refused to leave the cell.

The police said Sakaja threatened to transfer all the officers involved in his arrest within 24 hours.