Tanzania's legendary musician Mr Nice has revealed that he has a Kenyan wife.

In fact, he revealed that the two have two kids together.

Speaking exclusively on Classic 105, Mr Nice who has been in Kenya for several years now, added that his beautiful wife is the reason he fell in love with this country.

‘I have a Kenyan wife and she makes me love Kenya so much. For now she lives in Australia. I have two children with her,’

For years now, the Kikulacho hit maker has only been making controversial headlines, with some of the scandals he has had to face include;

Commercial s3x workers alleging he sought their services to poisoning and being broke, and partying hard.

But really how has the man who revolutionized Bongo music been?

Niko tuu, nina pambana na hali yangu, I am healthy and that’s what matters’ he said.

More than once, Mr. Nice has been labeled as an alcoholic, one of the things that tremendously ruined his brand and success.

However, he defended himself saying,

‘I have never had an alcohol problem. Yes I enjoy my drink but watch it, it has never affected my career’.

Speaking about how his music came to a sudden end, Nice attributed it to the fact that he never had a management team. This acted as a barrier between himself and the artists who wanted to work with him.

‘You know bro, there is alot of difficulties in the Tanzanian music industry. The fact that I didn’t have a management team affected me musically alot. There were powerful influential people and disagreeing with them landed me in problems and it’s not just me, there were other musicians who are afraid to talk. i decided not to fight them, and came to Kenya.’

However, Mr Nice revealed that before Covid-19 struck, he was already doing music tours in a bid to earn some income.

‘Since August last year, i have been doing some tours in and around Tanzania. I was also in South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi just before corona became a problem and I was forced to cancel the tours’