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Took the Covid Test! Be safe fam

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On Tuesday morning, Jalang'o announced to Kiss listeners that the two breakfast hosts will be tested for Covid-19.

"I do not know what to say. Even the vibe in the streets is that the county will be locked.  Now we got into the next level and the deaths have seriously checking in and increasing. Today is the day because you and I are being tested today. Sijui nitoroke wapi, nianzie wapi, sweetheart I hear they have put police down here for me." He said

The seasoned presenter added that they will make public their results once they are out.

They know I will get off air and get into my car and go but now today is our day. The chicken have come home to roost and we are getting our COVID-19 test. The results will come back and we will tell you if we are positive or negative.

Hours later, Jalang'o was finally tested and we are eagerly awaiting the test results.

Taking to Instagram, Jalang'o wrote,

Took the Covid Test! Be safe fam