Njoro at Papa Shirandula's burial in Busia
Njoro at Papa Shirandula's burial in Busia
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Ken Gichoya aka Njoro who was the late Papa Shirandula's BFF together with Jalang'o and Otoyo had a very emotional show on Bonga na Jalas.

Njoro opened up on how Papa made a huge impact in his life not only as a friend but more of a brother.

“Papa was not a friend to me he was a brother to me wakati nilikuwa na mashida nyumbani nilikuwa nikipigia Papa akuje aongee na bibi yangu mambo inakamilika. Papa alikuwa anasolve shida zangu za nyumbani." Njoro opened up

More to this, they made investment plans together for themselves and for their family.

Njoro and the late Papa Shirandula
Njoro and the late Papa Shirandula
Image: Citizen TV YouTube

Second in terms of investments tulikuwa tunainvest na Papa tunaulizana sasa wife nikimuongezea hii project atakuwaje,” added Njoro.

Njoro mentioned that whenever he bought land they would always be together even when the construction works begun, he’d be with them.

He was definitely more of a brother. Their relationship as best friends was not only on screen but even stronger in real life.

Kiss100 sends a message of encouragement to Njoro who is still in shock he lost a close one.