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pierra 4

For the last few weeks, most of Pierra Makena's posts have been about her weight loss journey.

In fact, the disc Jockey shared the same on her Youtube channel with an aim of helping other struggling with weight.

She revealed that during her pregnancy, she was a bit depressed and that saw her shed some weight.

She says three months after she delivered she could not add more weight and that meant less milk for her baby.

"That is when my mum and sisters popped at my house and I was overfed. My baby started feeding well but my clothes could not fit. As a first time mother I panicked when I started gaining weight.’" Said Makena.

However, Makena has revealed that by breastfeeding her now four years old angel, helped her shed the excess weight.

She says she continued to breastfeed her baby even after the first six months.

"Breastfeeding helped me lose weight in a very very big way!!!The more you breastfeed the more you lose ...that is after the first 6 months....And i was happy my baby fed well and is healthy!!#diaryofadjmom"  Wrote Makena.

A while back, Makena revealed that she was a subject of online trolls after gaining a lot of weight.

The trolls affected her mentally to a point that she got depressed.

 ‘I attended an event and I was all over the newspapers being trolled. I became depressed because I was even being called an elephant.

But luckily for me, my family was very supportive. 

What I learnt is, surround yourself with people who support you. Later on I learnt that I needed to love and appreciate myself.’ said Makena.

The mom of one has since shed loads of excess weight and is giving her trolls a run for their money.