Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
Image: Instagram

Ben Pol and Anerlsisa Muigai were last week rumored to have broken up months after getting married.

This was all based on the fact that Anerlisa isn't following her husband and that they deleted all their pictures together.

And you know social media in-laws, anything that is not up to the normal standard way is a red flag.

Then boom! Anerlisa posts a video of the two living their best life.

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Social media in-laws tumecheswo 🤣🤣

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Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalang'o laughed at all those who were happy to hear of their break up and started meddling in their business.

"Two people who sleep in the same bed wachana nao. Focus on yours. You see they have deleted pictures and you conclude that they are done. Why are wishing they break up? That means when they got married, you already had a kiwaru and so you just wanted their relationship to be over. Why?" Jalas said

Kamene who was on his side added that,

"Leave people's life, live yours. As you follow other people’s lives yours is struggling. "

Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
Image: Instagram

Then Jalas revealed his thirsty side but we do not blame him. 

"Anerlisa is one fine babe weh! Ben Pol is living his best life eating it with a big spoon."

Kamene also dropped her's saying, "Even Ben Pol is a really handsome guy. Anerlisa aliangukia."

"Now you know I cannot comment on a man, I am talking about what I can see and I like it." Jalas commented.

Before he went any further, Kamene stopped him saying,

Do not do that, that’s someone’s wife, do not covet people’s property my friend.