Calif records vs Ogopa records
Calif records vs Ogopa records

Rarely do we go for a week or two without whispers of bad blood brewing between artists in Kenya.

This has been happening since time immemorial and artists would pick on each other in a bid to show their prowess or stamp authority. After all it is survival for the fittest.

More often than not, such beefs are propelled by fans from different sections who believe that their favorite rapper or singer is better than their closest competitor.

In return, the artists then view the opposing fans as 'haters' and to retaliate, they tend to throw shade at them either on social media or through music.

Before you even know it, the fans will interpret their words as 'shade' thrown towards their favorite artist and the said artist will be forced to respond, to avoid being deemed as 'weak'.

That simply builds a foundation for juicy beef is always best served hot!

If you ask me, such beefs serve the artists and the industry a greater good because they improve the competition and brings out the best of each other.

Today we take a look at a couple of beefs that have shaped the Kenyan industry on recent years.

Calif records vs Ogopa Deejays

calif records
calif records

California records and Ogopa records do not get enough credit for the roles they played in transforming Kenyan music scene.

Addressing the kind of beef the two 'shared' back in the day, king of genge Juacali said that there was no beef or bad blood between the two record labels.

He said the two labels were only competing on who will release the next 'monster hit' and nothing more. In return, that shaped the industry.

People always ask 'Beef ya Calif na Ogopa ilikua aje?' I always tell them the only beef we had with Ogopa was releasing Monster Hits 'Wanatoa sisi tunatoa' (Highly competitive)said  Juacali.

Khaligraph vs Octopizzo

These two have had a longstanding relationship that can only be described as 'cold'.

The two artists never seen eye to eye and so do their fans when it comes to matters music.

From throwing subliminal disses on social media to using their music to direct shade against each other, it is safe to say these two enjoy living on opposite sides of each other's world.

A few days ago, Khaligraph categorically stated that he is too mature to respond to local disses, stating that he is past that age.

“I don’t respond with diss tracks unless it’s from abroad. It doesn’t make sense. I used to do it back in 2012, when I was 22. I can’t keep doing such. Maybe that’s why they go for me because I stopped responding,” Khaligraph said.

Bahati vs Willy Paul

Back when both Bahati and Willy Paul were starting out their music careers, everything was smooth until the competition between them got to their heads.

Their egos played no part in quashing their beef and this went on for years.

However, they settled their differences five years ago when a pastor called onto stage Willy Paul and Bahati and prayed for them.

He then counseled them to drop their differences because they were both brethren in Christ. 

Fast forward to five years later, both have since ditched the gospel industry and joined the secular world.

Willy Paul vs Ringtone

willy vs ringtone
willy vs ringtone

Speaking of Willy, since he stopped spreading the gospel via his music, gospel singer Ringtone has always been on his case.

Ringtone has numerous times called out Willy Paul and at one time he said he felt Willy Paul had disrespected Christians, after Willy released 'Hallelujah' featuring Nandy.

In a scathing post on Instagram, Ringtone went hard on Willy Paul.

"So Willy Paul today I just want to address you over your song because I feel that you have disrespected our God," he wrote.

"Willy Paul, Nandy is not your wife. You’re touching her private parts, she is twerking at you and you’re saying hallelujah."

Ringtone even sensationally claimed that Nandy aborted Willy Paul’s child. 

Despite the attacks, Willy never responded to the 'Talanta' singer but he could not hold it anymore when Ringtone took another shot at him after his collabo with Nadia Mukami.

"Christians are not happy with you, what are these you are singing?" Ringtone said.

Fed up with the constant attacks the 'Kamati ya roho chafu,' came out guns blazing calling Ringtone a woman.

"The faact that nimetulia isifanye uone kama mimi ni your fellow woman! Bloody leave Nadia Mukami out of this, concentrate on your music," he said.

Other notable beefs are; Bahati vs Mr. Seed, Jaguar vs Prezzo and 

There a number of seasoned artists who have never found themselves entangled in beefs but no one knows about tomorrow!

All I can say is just like politics,  one day is a long time in the music industry.