Kisses of Kindness
Kisses of Kindness
Image: Enos Teche

Kiss FM is the friend you need in these tough times.

The coronavirus pandemic came with a lot of failed plans and little to no money for others but the KissFM crew wants to make it easy for you.

Ther are team love and they want to see the dreams of three Nairobi men come true.

With the Kiss On The Road campaign, Kamene Goro and Jalango have been hitting the road giving men the opportunity to take their girlfriends or crushes on dates.

Yaani, shoot their shot with a 100% chance of hitting the mark, just right.

Today, Kamene and Jalango got to pick the lucky girls with their three baes-to-be in the sleek KissFM rides and take them to Mawimbi Sea Food Restaurant for lunch.

The girls were given flowers and cake from Cakes By Amor and wine from The Whisky Farm as a romantic gesture.

"We want to make that love connection happen. We are stepping in, in the name of love," Jalas said.

The first winner selected for the romantic experience, Micheal Oguta was in the Kiss FM studio and met The Morning Kiss duo.

For him, this is a special date as he will be meeting the babe of his dream, Alice, for the first.

Speaking before the date he said,

"I have only seen pictures of her and I just want to see what comes once I finally meet her.," Mike said.

"I will make sure I do everything the Kiss FM way to make sure you have an amazing date," Jalas assured him.

What more would you want? The perfect date right?

The ladies Alice, Joy and Laura had the opportunity to visit the KissFM studios and dedicate love songs to their dates, Mike, Joseph and Phillip on the Mid Morning show with Rae Kiragu before heading to Mawimbi.

Here are pictures of them enjoying the Kiss FM's Kisses of Kindness: