Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Stivo Simple Boy has proved so many people wrong.

When he started out in the music world, so many people said he will just be a one-hit-wonder because he came up with a slogan that had many people echoing it.

A few songs later and he is now an inspiration to many including one Harmonize from Tanzania. In his song, Hainishtui, he concludes the song by saying, "inauma lakini itabidi tuzoe" which we all know are words that Simple Boy came up with.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100, he said Harmonize never reached out to ask for permission.


"He took my words inauma and used them in his song and up to date he as never reached out to me."

So did you DM him or something to ask why he used your lyrics without permission?

"No, I did not. I let him be because he is also making me famous though my team is working on it. If he responds, we can talk because there are copyright issues. But he talks to me well, then we can work something out"

This is not the first time Harmonize has been accused by another Kenyan artiste of stealing. Last year, Magix Enga called him out for using his beat and their war went on for quite some time. The song Uno was pulled down for a few hours but later on brought back after a back and forth by both artistes.

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