Jalang'o has finally spoken on what seems to be the 'politician's new normal' whenever they are airing their grievances.

This comes just a day after Umurua Dikiir legislator, Johanna Ng’eno was arrested over his slur language to Mama Ngina.

Ng'eno hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for the problems experienced in Jubilee Party where he urged the president to work with his DP.

Even before Ng'eno's dust settled, Oscar Sudi another ally of the Deputy President, came out guns blazing defending his counterpart's utterances.

Sudi echoed Ng'eno's words and called out the president for sidelining Ruto who supported him in 2013 and 2017 general elections.

However, Jalang'o who is Sudi's friend, was left disgusted by the legislator's utterances and did not hesitate while calling him out.

"You must respect the president whether you like him or not whether you share on his ideologies or not. He is lucky he still has his mother," Jalang'o said.

But dragging his mother in your issues is not right. There are matters of stuff I don’t agree with him as a president but at the end of the day the back stops with him."

Jalang'o says he believes that president Kenyatta has the power to know where the stolen funds were taken. But that won't prompt him to insult him just because he is angry.

"It got to a point and I was like is this the Sudi I know? I know him cause I am not the kind of people who run away from friends just because they have messed. I think and believe that Sudi and Ng’eno went overboard." Said Jalang'o.

On her part, Kamene questioned the worrying trend which politicians have adapted.

"I was imagining if this is how these politicians are feeling, now imagine how we local wananchi are feeling, us who faced salary cuts and those who lost their jobs." Kamene said.