Njambi and her baby daddy and their son, baby Reign
Njambi and her baby daddy and their son, baby Reign


Actress Njambi is what we would refer to as baby mama goals. 

In her latest post, Njambi who's real name is Njeri Gachomba, took a moment to celebrate her baby daddy and her current boyfriend for mending her heart.

Njambi was left heartbroken after she broke up with her ex boyfriend whom she sired a daughter with.

The social media influencer also went ahead to appreciate him for raising a child whom he did not sire.

Njambi and her current man have a son together whom they welcomed early.

Posting a photo of them together, she wrote,

Thank you for mending a heart you didn't break and raising a child you didn't sire .

Njambi revealed her baby daddy's face a few months ago after months of keeping us guessing.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100.co.ke, Njambi revealed that she has a very respectable relationship with her ex whom she co-parents with.

So far so good we respect each other’s boundaries anajua penye atafika na penye mimi nitafika, anajua ako na mtoi mwenye anafaa kushughulikia, so kuna boundaries na the only time tutapigiana simu ni time anataka hii ama ile ya mtoi," Said Njambi.


Tumefika place tunapeana respect na I think hiyo ndio word we respect each other, we respect each other’s relationships we respect each other’s time.

Actress Njambi celebrates baby daddy for 'mending' her heart