kamene and Jalang'o
kamene and Jalang'o

By now I am pretty sure that if you threw a stone in any corner in Nairobi, chances are high that it will fell on a lady thinking of a beauty business venture.

If you look closely across various social media platforms, many ladies are competing in the already saturated industry, as Kamene Goro puts it.

In one of their discussions, the breakfast presenter advised ladies to stop thinking that, that is the only way to make money.

She advised them to think outside the box and diversify if they indeed want to reap great rewards.

"Women need to understand that its not only beauty where businesses will flourish, it is highly saturated.. kwanza enda to basic needs, like food and water." Kamene advised.

Narrating about her friend who is making it big Kamene added,

I have my friend who bottles water, it is not the biggest firm but she doesn't need a job. She in fact quit law school and decided she won't be employed."

Jalang'o echoed his co-host's sentiments reminded the ladies that we need them especially celebrities to shine in other industries.

"Salon and beauty is huge but you don’t have to go there 'cause someone is doing it, try something different," Jalang'o said.