Njambi and her daughter on her birthday/ Image: Instagram
Njambi and her daughter on her birthday/ Image: Instagram

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njambi is one happy mom who just celebrated her daughter's 6th birthday.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100.co.ke, the mother of three could not hide her joy and thanked God for the motherhood journey so far.

"As a mother I am excited and God has really been faithful." Njambi said.

To mark her daughter's birthday, the actress who is also a professional lawyer, treated the kids to some celebratory pizza.

"Nilimpeleka lunch tulikuwa tunaplan kwenda Karen to some restaurant but tukapata imefungwa tukaenda Karen Waterfront, kwa pizza place where the kids loved it since they have never been to waterfront." she said.

Njambi says that she was the one who got to enjoy the day with her daughter, whom she sired with her ex boyfriend, who is not around due to Corona related issues.

She says that despite her having moved on with her new boyfriend and the father to her newly born son, the two respect each other and make co-parenting work.

So far so good we respect each other’s boundaries anajua penye atafika na penye mimi nitafika, anajua ako na mtoi mwenye anafaa kushughulikia, so kuna boundaries na the only time tutapigiana simu ni time anataka hii ama ile ya mtoi," Said Njambi.


Tumefika place tunapeana respect na I think hiyo ndio word we respect each other, we respect each other’s relationships we respect each other’s time.

Whoever is around treats our daughter and since I was the one who was around because of Corona and everything I was the one who had fun with her.

We had planned something big for her sixth birthday but unfortunately Corona and the cold weather we had to make it something small.

The talented actress says she has been really affected by Covid-19 not only as an actress but also as a social media influencer.

She says brands do not want to put their money  onto something during this period and would rather wait till next year.

She's however grateful that she has been getting money off her YouTube pages, which has helped kept her afloat.