mejja 2
mejja 2

I know your eye brows were raised to the sky when you came across this article.

I understand, but at least let me make you understand why I drew the conclusion using a few pointers.

These are the reasons why I believe Mejja can and should easily be considered as Kenya's Drake or even Chris Breezy.

1. Consistency

This guy has been consistent ever since he broke out. From 'Majengo' to Utawezana, I mean show me a more consistent male artist in Kenya within that period.

Just like Drake and CB, Mejja has always ensured his fan's insatiable taste glands are always fed.

2. Music catalogue

Ever since he gave us 'Majengo' 11 years ago the guy's music catalogue has since ballooned and this is thanks to projects he has done both as a solo artist and with Kansoul.

I mean this year alone, Okwonkwo has dropped 10 hit songs within a duration of 6 months!

I saw a tweet that caught my eye, where one user said that by the time Mejja retires from the scene, his catalogue would be similar to Drake's.

3. Always on trends

Mtoto wa Khadija has perfected the art of knowing how to stay on trends, whether musically or even with his style.

His chemistry  with young and up coming artists is unmatched an he has been praised for always grooming and uplifting other artists.

Recently in an interview with Jalang'o, Mejja shocked many when he said that he has never charged anyone for a collabo. He is all about music and good vibes.

”Imagine manze mi sijai lipisha msee dooh. Hao wasee wote ukiwauliza, mi ni vibe tu. Napenda tu ngoma manze.” Mejja said.

When you look at Drake, he knows how to ride with the trend and through that he has managed to secure different markets thriugh his music. So far he has managed to work with artists from all over the world, main reason why he is topping all the charts.

4. Evergreen

I mean till date, if you listen to Majengo, landlord and other hit songs by Mejja from back in the day, one can't help but acknowledge that this guy is a living music legend.

Mentored by the likes of Juacali, Mejja has managed to effortlessly carve a niche for himself and stayed fresh.

Just like Drake, his music is generational. You can take that to the bank.