kamene and jalang'o
kamene and jalang'o

There was a heated debate between Kamene Goro and Jalas when Menje asked why men always seem to 'win' even after cheating.

Menje clearly could not understand why women are forced to swallow their pride and talk to their cheating partners which eventually ends up with them giving their partners another chance.

She argues that if a woman cheats, the odds of her getting another chance are always against her.

To explain the phenomenon, Jalang'o simply stated that the set up has always favored men.

"There’s only one woman who is said to have married more than one man, which in modern age is known as polyandry," Jalang'o said.

He added,

The reason why I am saying that the set up has always favored men is, when you look at Africa, polygamy is embraced, in religion Islam allows you to marry up to four women.

The set up has never favored women that is why men walk. Or maybe it is women who have kept up with men’s sh*t for long." He said.

As convincing as Jalang'o sounded, Menje was not willing to let her guard down and settle with a cheating partner.