Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

As a concerned Kenyan citizen, who has been closely following our leaders in the news you can tell something is not right.

The same same leaders who have been urging Kenyans to maintain social distance and wear masks in public are the very same people making roadside addresses.

This has angered both Kamene and Jalang'o who are totally fed up by the situation and have reiterated the need for the president to open up the country.

Narrating her recent experience, Kamene says that she was having a good time with 5 of her friends, before a police officer pulled up and asked them to leave the premises.

"Kwani politics ndio hazijui Corona?" She asked.

Jana karao alitupata watu 6 in three tables and said that we are congested and we were forced to go home. I don’t understand why we are being forced to suffer, sahii tungekuwa tumefanya gigs mob." Kamene added.

Jalang'o once again used the platform to convince president Kenyatta to rectify things and let Kenyans be.

"All I can tell the president is that the next time you give us an address I only expect two things," Jalas said.

1. The curfew needs to be lifted and Kenyans allowed to operate from mid day today to midday the next day without restrictions

2. Every single restaurant and bars to be opened also I want the president to say there is no corona in Kenya. Jalang'o added.

The presenter says he simply cannot understand how the Deputy President can address Kisii residents while baba was doing the same in Taveta, without maintaining social distance.