Actress Njambi and her kids
Actress Njambi and her kids
Image: Instagram

Actress Njambi says that her daughter is an angel who was sent to her by God. 

Speaking exclusively to, Njambi says that daily, she is wowed by her daughter's intelligence and her pure heart. 

"She is my bestfriend, she is intelligent and I think that is one thing I love about her, she has a golden heart, she is just amazing, she is God sent and she is everything nice." Njambi said.

Her beautiful daughter just turned six and the actress who is a professional lawyer says it has been a tough journey from the moment she was born.

"It has been tough it has been a journey you know when I got her I was young I didn’t know the do’s of being a mom, but she has taught me a lot.

I always tell her she is an angel, literally nikama God sent her for me."


Njambi and her daughter on her birthday/ Image: Instagram
Njambi and her daughter on her birthday/ Image: Instagram

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress however says it is funny that her daughter thinks she is strict. But according to her it all boils down to instilling discipline in her.

You know discipline,  I am those old fashioned moms discipline comes first. I don’t care what you do you have to be disciplined. So I think hapo yeye huona nimemkalia sana.

Namraise vile mimi nililelewa. Ukiwa kwa wenyewe sit at one place mpaka uongeleshwe, ukienda supermarket don’t touch anything until you have been told to, Said Njambi.