gender reveal party at Burj Khalifa
gender reveal party at Burj Khalifa
Image: Youtube

Every single day I am reminded of the need to always note 'wewe ndio huna pesa usiseme hakuna pesa'

Just when I was trying hard not to think much about that fact, here comes a viral video of a couple who paid a fortune to host a gender reveal at Burj Khalifa.

The couple Anas and Asala Marwah both who are social media influencers, shocked many when they reportedly paid Kshs 10,298,000 just to have their unborn baby's gender projected onto the world's tallest building.

Titled, 'The biggest gender reveal party in the world' the now viral video which was uploaded on Youtube, now has over 15million views.

While many were happy for the couple, many condemned them for their extravagant  announcement.

"Can't justify spending that much money, they should have gave it to charity in the child's name," one user tweeted.

"They'll kick themselves when they find out they could’ve just asked the person doing the scan if it’s a boy or a girl" another user commented.

However they were all slammed by one tweep who asked them to respect them because it is up to them to decide what to do with their money.

"I love it! It’s THEIR money. People need to stop telling people how to spend THEIR money. Doesn’t need to be justifiable to anyone else but them. WTF," one Lichu tweeted.